Assembly rails 3,5-8,0 mm


For the prefabrication of heating mats. The ideal plug-in system allows any length of joining of the individual rails. Through the narrow grid size is almost every usual cable laying distance possible. The material is UV resistant and heat stable up to 100 ° C.

Assembly rail MS-I, 20mm Grid;
Cable 3,5-4,5mm Diameter
Assembly rail MS-II, 25mm Grid;
Cable 4,5-5,5mm Diameter
Assembly rail MS-III, 25mm Grid;
Cable 5,6-6,5mm Diameter
Assembly rail MS-IV, 25mm Grid;
Cable 6,6-8,0mm Diameter
Length1 m
Width8 mm

Assembly rail metallic


The metallic rail is an extremely quick and efficient method to maintain cable to cable spacing and laying the cable. The same is galvanized strip with cable radius profile fixing, which can provide cable spacing in multiple of 1” (25.4 mm), available in 0.4 mm thickness, 21 mm width and 25 meter length. The Zinc coating is 185 GSM. The metallic fixing Strip is mechanically fixed by nailing to the subfloor. Cables are then tensioned through the profile strip when laying. The metallic Strip can be used up to approx. 8.0 mm cable diameter. up to 100 ° C.

Grid:25 mm 
Width:21 mm
Tape thickness:0,4 mm
Colour:galvanized (silver)

Sensor Tube

Sensor tube with metal sensor sleeve, for laying floor temperature sensors. Length 2 m.

Length:2 m
Inner diameter:8,5 mm
Material:Polyamid 6, halogen-free
InflammabilityUL 94 HB, FMVSS 302,
DIN 75200